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If you’re reading this page, you enjoy and are interested in our pop culture podcast! From Marvel to Astrology, you can always find our episodes on our podcast site at RSS.com (https://rss.com/podcasts/threefatesdecide/). If you prefer to directly add the RSS feed to an aggregator, please use this: https://media.rss.com/threefatesdecide/feed.xml

Our episodes are also available on a wide variety of podcast directories and apps. If you have a preferred directory or app you like listening to podcasts on, go to our “Where to Listen” page to find out where you can follow or subscribe for your convenience. We 100% appreciate listener support when you download, stream, or subscriber via your favorite podcast platform. It tells us that you enjoy our content and you want to listen to more from us!

You can look at our Categories for the “Episodes” category to see what episodes we’ve released. You can also locate transcriptions of our episodes in the “Transcriptions” category. The various other categories will provide you will all sorts of interesting content related to our show and even this site. Check them out!

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