Episode 1 – Let Us Introduce Ourselves [Transcript]

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Transcript of Episode 1 – Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Mary, Sam, Liz

Sam 00:00
You think you know what we’re going to talk about.

Mary 00:03
Unfortunately I fell about a rabbit hole and I’ve not gotten out yet.

Liz 00:07
Heh. Knife bros.

Sam 00:10
I literally googled Sebastian Stan hands. But just when you least expect it we changed the game

Mary 00:20
like I wish I could find a good picture of just his hands

Liz 00:23
It’s probably because of like you know… his hands are like very clearly masculine.

Sam 00:27
at the end of the day only one thing matters. We decide.

Mary 00:32
oh ,we should make it a topic

Liz 00:34
Well yeah because we usually in astrology they would partner up air sign with fire signs.

Sam 00:42
Three Fates decide podcast

Mary 00:45
Oh, Hey everybody. Welcome to Three Fates decide podcast My name is Mary and these my two co stars.

Sam 00:53
I’m Sam.

Liz 00:55
I’m Liz.

Mary 00:57
And today we’re gonna be talking, kind of talking about who we are why we decided to do this podcast and talking a little bit about what we do in real life as well. Who wants to start?

Sam 01:12
I’ll start, I’ll start. I’ll bite the bullet. All right, so you know I’m obviously like I said, I’m Sam. About me I live in the New York metro area. But not in New York itself. So Haha, you can guess where I am. I work in the medical field by day and by night I am a social media stalker. A writer and a now podcast co host Yeah, podcast. I am a podcast. co host

Mary 01:56
Okay, my name is Mary. As you know I’m a mom to a little girl. I live in Ohio. Not gonna say where just the state of Ohio. Country! I just graduated from nursing school I’m trying to get my first nursing job just pass my test my NCLEX yay woohoo big party there. I… that’s what I’m going to be doing during the day. At night I like I’m also a social media stalker of things and people. Shouldn’t really say stalker, but close enough.

Sam 02:40
You’ll learn, you’ll learn

Mary 02:43
All right. Yeah, I also enjoy writing. Um… reading others… other people’s writing, especially Sam’s love her stuff. And I’m a podcast co host now! Liz?

Liz 03:03
okay, so I guess my turn. Hi, I’m Liz. I live in New York City which I am okay with admitting because there are over a million of us. So haha. I am hiding in plain sight. So my day job is officially a data analyst. But I sometimes like to call it glorified data entry. And I will say that I work in the banking slash financial industry. So my pay is pretty decent and it keeps me covered. At night, I spend way too much time on tumblr and on Discord lately, and I do read I try to write but that doesn’t always work out. And I sometimes spend way too much time watching stuff on YouTube. All too much. And then yeah, that kind of sums it up.

Sam 04:08
You know Liz as you were explaining your job all I kept thinking is like your like Chandler Bing in friends.

Mary 04:16

Sam 04:18
He’s a transponster!

Liz 04:23
Honestly, when I when I actually try to explain to people at times, like what my my job actually is, you know, it it can be a little bit like that because it’s even I had no idea that my job existed until I went to the job interview and they started explaining in more detail what exactly my job is. And I’m like, okay, and then I still had to learn everything on the job anyway. So yeah, yeah, I am Chandler apparently.

Sam 05:00
I don’t know why that’s like what kind of popped into into my head as you were explaining, I was like, I just feel like it’s Chandler Bing from Friends, which is perfectly fine. He did very well. But it’s funny though how, like, you know, you you, you know, either go to college or you have this plan as to what your… you know you want your job to be and how it doesn’t always work out that that way. At least I know for me it didn’t. I’m sure Liz, you weren’t imagining this was your dream job.

Liz 05:35
Oh absolutely not. Right, because like I said, Like, I literally had no idea that my job, like what I do was even a thing until I went to the job interview. So…

Sam 05:51
Right. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I went to I went to college originally for film production. I now run a medical practice. So, uh huh. And in between, I worked in marketing. So I have a plethora of knowledge on random subjects.

Mary 06:13
I mean, I can sell you anything you want. Because I have done retail too many times to comfortably admit.

Sam 06:22
Hey, you know what, though? Retail is the backbone of the US. So

Mary 06:26
it is. It is and I’m telling you, there’s people that work retail. I have the utmost respect for them, especially the ones that could do it without getting an attitude about it.

Sam 06:40
Yeah. Yeah,

Mary 06:42
Cause that’s not me.

Sam 06:44
well, and I feel bad when they get like attacked.

Mary 06:48
Oh, yes.

Sam 06:48
For No reason. Like it just it annoys me. Yeah, so. Yeah. So that’s, who we are

Mary 06:58
Yes, Yes.

Sam 06:58
That’s what we do. So next question, why did three women who have never met by the way, they’ve never physically met each other?

Mary 07:09
Though we met each other through Tumblr, actually.

Sam 07:12
Good old Tumblr.

Mary 07:13
And then discord.

Sam 07:15
and then discord? Yep. Yeah.

Mary 07:19
Yeah. And we’ve only actually start we only really started talking. What in January?

Sam 07:27

Liz 07:28
Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I’ve been talking to Sam for a while, but

Mary 07:34

Liz 07:35

Mary 07:36
But the three of us together have only started really started talking since like, January. And then all of a sudden decide, hey, why not? Let’s just Let’s start a podcast. I guess for me, the reason I wanted to do it is one, it sounded like fun. And two, I like to talk and three. I need to vent somewhere and damnit a podcast sounded like a great idea to do it.

Sam 08:04

Liz 08:05

Sam 08:06
I mean, I 100% agree. I mean, I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for ever. I mean, you you ask my friends. And like, all I ever do is like, let’s, let’s do a podcast. And it’s always like, well, what’s it going to be about? And like, I don’t know, I just want to do a podcast. And, you know, thankfully, I found you guys. And we all kind of came up with the same thing. Like, well, we can kind of make it about anything. And, you know, thus the Three Fates decide the best part about this, this whole podcast is each episode is going to be something different, and we’d get to decide what we want to talk about. There it is, you know, so it’s, I’m really excited to do this with you guys.

Mary 08:50

Liz 08:51

Sam 08:53
Especially talking dirt about people, but

Mary 08:55
we’ll get into that.

Liz 08:58
Yeah. I mean,

Mary 09:00
your opening is all about Sebastian’s hands at this point.

Liz 09:08
Let’s not,

Sam 09:10
don’t start gonna take the whole hour.

Mary 09:12
No, we’re not gonna talk about it tonight. But I’m gonna say it that’s, I mean,

Sam 09:17

Mary 09:18
So obviously, we can talk about any of this stuff. Yeah.

Liz 09:24
Um, I guess when it comes to podcasting, I did experiment like a few years ago with back in like the earlier not quite the early days, but when it was like relatively a small field. I had been exploring with podcasting a little bit with like the audio diary type of podcasts because I had listened to one before that I thought was really good. And at the time, I was really heavily into blogging. As in like, you know, the traditional blogging, which is like your own online diary that you are comfortable with sharing with people. So I kind of experimented that a little bit. But eventually, real life kind of took over. So I had less time to do it. So I kind of stopped. But this was like, more than 10 years ago. So yeah, this is my first foray back into it.

Mary 10:24
This is my first foray into podcasting period.

Sam 10:29
Like I said, I always wanted to…

Mary 10:33
I mean, yeah, I’m like, you say, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve thought about it, I’ve wanted to do it, but I’ve just never really, like I didn’t want to do it by myself. And never really had the time. Or the people to do it with and then met you two, and kind of it all kind of clicked. And we have to thank our one friend on another discord channel that we’re in that really pushed us to do it.

Sam 11:01
Yeah. Yeah. You guys came in, you were like, Ah, so podcast, I’m like, Okay. Awesome. Yay. No, what I love about podcasts, though, is really like, you know, how much they’ve developed, obviously, over the last couple years. And you really could have a podcast about anything. I mean, there’s podcasts that just tell like, you know, mysteries, or stories or whatever you have, you know, your gossips you have, there’s an I only know this because I just watched the Britney Spears documentary. But these two girls had a podcast that literally took Britney Spears’ social media posts, and just dissected them, you know, completely, and they actually are the ones that started the free Britney movement, which is like crazy. But so it’s like, you know, podcasts have become huge. And, you know, it’s really a great way to kind of get your voice heard out in the world about, you know, anything, and, you know, you can have fun with it at the same time. And so that’s really why I wanted to do it, you know, I’ve, I just, I don’t know, want to contribute to society one way or another, whether it’s about, you know, bullshit, or real important things.

Mary 12:25
Yeah, I mean, and I think I think our podcast will eventually become just kind of like a mixture of both, right? To be honest, I mean, there’s gonna be a lot of fluff stuff in this on our podcast, where we’re just talking about the most random thing that comes into our heads at the time. Yeah, but yet, at the same time, we may have those days where something comes up that we’re like, Hey, this is something we should really maybe talk about, you know, help. Because I kind of want to be able to help other people go through things that that we may be, that may be… we may be going through as three Oh, I we’re not saying that. We’re old adults, but we’re older adults, you know, whereas, whereas, instead of being the, like, our young 20s, and like, Teen People,

Sam 13:16

Mary 13:17
You know, we’ve all gone through college, we’ve all graduated college or something of the sort?

Sam 13:26
Yeah, absolutely. No, I’m, I’m 100% with you, you know, again, like contributing to society, whether it’s via entertainment, or, you know, talking about something that either one of us has gone through, and maybe someone else is going through it right now. And, you know, they listen to it, and it helps them, you know, kind of through that, and, you know, that that’s definitely, you know, something that I would love to hear about, you know, down the line, like, oh, I listened to your podcast, and when you guys talked about this, like, it really helped me get through, you know, this that I was going through it like, I think I would just feel so, so happy.

Mary 14:05
I think we all would we all would

Sam 14:10
you hear celebrities talk about that all the time.

Liz 14:11
I mean You know, given like how we’re still experiencing a global pandemic, and so many of us are at home right now. I would like to think that even as even if it’s not just our show, but like any other podcast if it if it somehow makes you feel connected to other people, simply for the fact that whatever the subject matter is, you know, for the podcast is, you know, makes you feel like I’m not alone because somebody else is interested in the same thing, then that’s what matters, right? So it..

Mary 14:12

Liz 14:13

Mary 14:14
definitely. Definitely, I think I Think especially especially now in this in the times that we are living, because we’ve had a lot of upheaval in the United States with not only with the, the pandemic, but the elections, which we’re really not going to get into, or I don’t really want to get into, no matter what you feel about it one way or the other. It is what it is. And it’s hopefully and we all have to make the best of it. And hopefully, things will turn out well. And, but things like that, it’s like, other people were probably going are probably thinking, I feel so alone in all this. So hopefully we can, we can reach out and touch somebody and be like, Man, okay, these girls are a little nuts. They’re a little crazy, but they make me feel like I’m not alone in the world, because you’re not alone.

Sam 15:53
No, no,

Mary 15:54
you’re always somebody there to talk to or listen to, or something.

Sam 16:00
Yeah, no, I agree with you. I mean, you know, with the pandemic, you know, you see in, you know, on Tumblr, you see it all the time, people saying how, and just myself, like how difficult times were and you know, mental health has had, has really become a subject, you know, a lot of people have had a lot of depression or anxiety or, you know, whatever, from having to stay home and not being able to see family or, or friends or, you know, do anything and just feeling very stuck. And, you know, if you are already suffering with mental health, it’s taking like a huge thing, which is actually why I started writing on Tumblr was my anxiety just kind of got out of control, and I needed something to just let it out. And, you know, through that, I mean, look at what’s happened, you know, in the last several months, I’ve now met people online through Tumblr. And now our friends and now we’re, you know, doing this podcast where we get to talk to each other, and you know, about this, that or the other thing, so, and, obviously, that’s just me, but it just kind of shows like, you know, even in the worst of times, you can always find a light somewhere, you know, you’re never going to be alone in the dark. Like you can always you know, it may not seem like it at the time. But if you just keep plugging on you’ll, you’ll find it, you’ll definitely find it. Yeah, it’s

Mary 17:29
I mean over the years I’ve suffered with social anxiety. It doesn’t seem like it but in in social situations, when I’m especially in public, I’m not the most comfortable. I especially if these people I don’t know, I’m like, Yeah, I get very introverted into myself, and I don’t like to. I don’t like to talk or do anything like that. But once you get to, once I get to know you then that I’ve never shut up usually. I’ve found that out.

Sam 18:11
Mary, you and I are like the same person. So it’s okay.

Mary 18:17
See, this is why we get along so well. And then we have Liz over here who is the more dignified, refined one of us all

Liz 18:23
Oh God…

Mary 18:24
And she keeps us from going too crazy.

Liz 18:31
I suppose somebody has to do it

Sam 18:33
or she just laughs at us one of the two.

Mary 18:36

Liz 18:37
I mean, I guess in any kind of group, there has to be someone who is relatively more serious.

Sam 18:46
I was gonna say sane, but you know.

Mary 18:48
Yeah, I was saying sane,

Liz 18:51
Well, I wasn’t gonna say that

Mary 18:52
Yes, because I don’t really see you as as being that serious. You’re just the more sane of the three of us. That’s all.

Liz 19:00
I don’t know. I sometimes think I’m a little too serious. But anyway,

Mary 19:05
not after you hang out with me and Sam, you’re not.

Sam 19:07
And you come up with some great ideas.

Liz 19:12
Oh, no.

Mary 19:16
I like that. Oh, no.

Liz 19:18
I always fear… I always fear that I’m going to turn into a bad idea, Bear. I mean, ever since I saw Avenue Q and I found out what a what a bad idea, Bear. I was like, Oh my God. Don’t tell me I’m gonna turn into one of those.

Mary 19:38
We love you anyway. And we love your bad ideas, which are never bad ideas. They’re always good ideas.

Sam 19:47

Liz 19:47
I don’t know I can’t help it. I just refer to them as being bad. I keep referring to myself as like a bad idea bear because I end up saying something that like…

Sam 19:57
it’s sparked someone.

Liz 19:59
I’m semi-serious about being serious. And suddenly, it turned out it was actually a good idea to somebody else. And I’m like, What did I just say?

Sam 20:10
You start the spark. And then someone else takes the flame. And you just sit there and go damn it.

Mary 20:19
Yeah, that’s kind of what happened with this podcast.

Sam 20:23
Yeah, well, yeah. Liz and I when we started talking, I’m gonna guess it was what November Liz? maybe even before that.

Liz 20:32
Yeah, I kind of remember like it was around November,

Sam 20:36
it was like around. Yeah. Before before Thanksgiving, when some some crap went down that we’ll talk about on a later episode. But um, you know, we had started talking about doing like, a podcast or whatever. And then we just couldn’t think of what to talk about. And then, you know, it kind of fell. You know, we, we were both just really busy with other things and, and stuff like that. And then when you guys came back to me, it was like, hey, podcast, and I’m like, Okay, I’m in. Let’s go.

Mary 21:14
Yeah, cuz Liz had mentioned it in our other discord. And then the other friend that we had, she’s like, man you guys really should do that. I would listen to you guys talk. And then I’m like, Well, then let’s do it. So basically, like Liz had the idea. Someone kind of fanned the flames. And then I just took it and ran with it.

Sam 21:35
There You go. Fan, that flame?

Mary 21:40
Just basically said, we’re doing this and Liz has to come along for the ride.

Liz 21:46
Well, to be fair, I was kind of inclined toward toward it, you know, from a while back, but it’s like, actually executing it was like, how? How,

Sam 22:00
and we’re figuring it out now. So here we go. Yep, here we go

Mary 22:05
I mean, I mean, this one’s gonna probably be a little bit rough. But we got there.

Sam 22:10
Like I said, first one first episodes are always you know, because you want to do that introductory thing. And you know, but obviously, we want to catch attention, but at the same time, not go into a million different conversations. Yeah. Because we want to make sure we have topics to talk about later on.

Mary 22:32
Everything tonight, there was like, there’s nothing else talked about.

Sam 22:35
And we’re and we’re done. Thanks for listening to the show.

Mary 22:38
Yeah was all in one episode. But I think between the three of us, we will have plenty to talk about.

Sam 22:49
Oh, absolutely. And with the way things are going in the world, we’ll always have something to talk about now. And as Mary kind of mentioned, you know, all three of us live in the US. Obviously, the US has been dealing with a lot of shit. And politically, and we are going to definitely steer away from the political crap. Yeah, I think that’s just safety. Yeah, unless something crazy happens. And obviously we’ll talk about it. But I think it’s just safer to stay away from religion and politics.

Mary 23:34
Definitely, like a lot of the controversial topics that can start fights we don’t really want to get into. I mean, not that they’re not important topics to talk about they are. But that’s not necessarily what the whole…

Sam 23:49
podcast is about.

Mary 23:50
broadcast of our podcast is about.

Sam 23:52
Oh, yeah.

Mary 23:53
It’s, we kind of want to keep it more. We want to keep it more of the lighter side of serious.

Sam 23:58
Right. Exactly. Exactly. So yeah, and we got we, I mean, the things that we just talked about on a daily basis, are gonna floor people, between obviously celebrity gossip to astrology,

Mary 24:14
astrology, books, movies. I mean, you name it, we’ve we’ve probably talked about it, or we will talk about it. Like I said, I’ll probably be bitching about my kid a lot. I mean, love her to death. But good lord. Don’t Have Kids, folks. All I gotta say is don’t have I’m joking on that one, too. If you want kids have them. If you don’t, then don’t you do you boo.

Sam 24:44
There you go. Wise words. No, I mean, you know, again, we’re going to talk about that kind of stuff. I mean, I could see, honestly, the sky’s the limit with the topics that we could talk about, except for the controversial Obviously, and, you know, down the line, and once we know, you know, get everything all set up for everyone, we’re gonna allow our listeners to throw in some suggestions on what you wish for us to talk about.

Mary 25:16

Sam 25:16
I’m excited about that.

Mary 25:19
I am too because that’ll be, that’ll be fun to see what our listeners come up with and be like, Hey, I’d love for you guys talk about this topic, or this topic, this or that. So yeah, it’s just gonna be fun.

Sam 25:32
And I just, I just liked that we’re not going to be stuck on like, one thing.

Mary 25:37

Sam 25:38
The entire time?

Mary 25:39
I think, yeah, I think being that we can be we’re going to be more flexible, we’ll be able to, I think we’ll be able to draw in a larger crowd because me, maybe somebody doesn’t like the topic that we’re talking about this week. But they might like to talk we’re talking about next week. You know?

Liz 25:56
Yeah, that’s true.

Mary 25:58
I mean, you don’t have to listen to us every single week, if you don’t want to. I mean, we would love for you to though.

Sam 26:04
We’re really nice people.

Mary 26:07
Yeah, we really want you to listen to us, like every week, but can’t force it.

Liz 26:15
I do have like, kind of a general question that will be kind of fun to talk about.

Mary 26:20

Liz 26:21
what? Okay, so we’ve been dealing with this pandemic, and we haven’t been able to do stuff that we would normally love to do, like, you know, outdoorsy stuff. So what do you miss the most? That you haven’t done in like, last year?

Mary 26:43

Sam 26:44
I mean, I guess it’s more of just not the, the freedom of being able to do what I want, you know, like going out to a bar. And, you know, drinking with a bunch of people and not having to worry that, you know, I have to be out by 10 o’clock, or, you know, that there’s too many people in the bar, or, you know, like, I miss the not being nervous. You know, and just being free.

Mary 27:13
I would, I would say probably sitting down to a restaurant sitting down in a restaurant and actually having a meal and not having to get carry out. Yeah, I missed that too. Probably the the thing I missed the most, and being able to hang out with my friends.

Liz 27:35

Mary 27:35
because I haven’t seen my friends. In over in almost a year now.

Sam 27:42
It’s crazy. It’s been almost a year since everything shut down. The world shutdown,

Mary 27:49
basically. Yeah.

Liz 27:50
Yeah. I mean, I pretty much agree with what you guys were saying. Like I miss being able to go out. Like, hypothetically speaking, go out. wherever I want, whenever I want, and…

Mary 28:08
not having to wear a mask?

Liz 28:11

Sam 28:12
for sure.

Liz 28:14
Well, you know, here’s the funny thing, though. Well, not haha, funny. But it’s more like one of those like, Oh, this is a funny coincidence. Kind of funny. But I’ve actually been to Asia, you know, a few times. And even 10 years ago, which was when like, was the first time I’d been to Asia in a very, very long time. I would notice that the mask wearing thing was very common. Like, I went to Hong Kong. And when I would step into any of the subway stations, like I would see, like at least a quarter of the people, maybe a third of the people in the stations wearing the surgical masks and they even have a separate garbage can. That’s label that’s labeled, like biohazard like, you know, the way you would see in the hospital like a special trash can. Yeah, like gloves and masks and things like that, because they are technically biohazard garbage. Right? So…

Mary 29:20
it depends on what’s on them.

Liz 29:24
Right. But you know, in theory, that’s kind of like,

Mary 29:26

Liz 29:27
what it’s for. So I thought it was really fascinating that it was a very common thing over there. And in the back of my mind, I always thought, Hmm, this would actually be handy to do in flu season when I’m taking the subway to work. And I’m going to be sharing the train with like, 1000s of other people and I have no idea who has the flu germs. So I was always thinking in the back of my mind, like maybe during my commute, I could wear a mask and try to avoid catching the flu. But the problem was was that I couldn’t figure out where to buy masks because those were not a common thing over here.

Mary 30:10

Liz 30:10
So, but Well, that’s not the problem now is it.

Sam 30:14
Yeah, no, now, you can get it at any store. Yeah, your local grocery store has masks.

Mary 30:21
The only thing you can’t get into groceries in a store now are gloves.

Sam 30:25

Liz 30:26

Sam 30:27
So they said, good, gloves don’t do much anyway. Apparently. Just wash your hands.

Mary 30:31
when I dye my hair, it’s nice to have a pair of gloves that actually fit my hands instead of there’s crappy ones that come with the hair dye.

Sam 30:37
Yeah, no, you’re right. You’re right. Yeah. But, ya know, I remember Liz, like, you know, are we seeing, you know, obviously, I’ve never been to Asia or anything like that, but I always knew that they were very big into the masks, especially, you know, crowded areas or airplanes or, you know, things like that. And, in my head that, you know, unfortunately, people make fun of it. You know, even like, you know, when I go into New York, even before the pandemic, a lot of Asian people would wear masks, because it’s very overcrowded, obviously, in New York City, and, you know, whatever. But at the end, like, when you think about it, it’s was smart. This is why, like, you know, there, there wasn’t as high of a, you know, illness, I guess, over there. So, you know, really, Asia kinda had it. Had it had it right, you know, obviously, and then, now that the pandemic, it just, now everyone’s doing it, but I really just want to know, like, will we ever get to a point that we don’t wear masks? anymore?

Liz 31:47
Right? Well, you know, here’s the funny thing. So, you know, one of my weird, one of the weird habits I kind of picked up during the pandemic, pandemic was, like I was saying earlier, like, I spent too much time watching YouTube videos. And one of the videos I remembered watching was actually discussing about the 1918 flu pandemic. And one of the interesting side notes that they mentioned was that the mask wearing thing in Asia part… Now, this is not the only reason because like, there is actually some air pollution, which is another reason why you would wear the masks. Because like, if you happen to live in a city or a part of, of your country where you are experiencing a lot of air pollution, you would wear the mask anyway. But from what I understand, in some parts of Asia, especially in Japan, a big reason why they wear masks is because it’s a habit that the society developed because of the flu pandemic, when, you know, millions of people were getting infected and people were dying left and right. And one of the few reasonably reliable tools that people had access to, to deprive to try to prevent catching it was to wear a mask and try to not be too close to other people you don’t know. So that’s where some of that came from, actually. So a hundred years later, it turns out that habit were worked out pretty well.

Sam 33:32
So, yeah, I mean, listen, I don’t have a problem wearing masks. I mean, it’s, you know, would be nice to not have to obviously it’s easier to breathe fresh air without it. But I mean, it’s not you know, it’s not a total inconvenience.

Mary 33:54
It’s not a detriment to your health. Like some people want to claim that it is.

Liz 34:00
Really not, you know, yeah, I mean, every time I hear people say that, like, oh, I can’t breathe wearing this thing. Well, yeah. Why don’t you tell all the doctor

Sam 34:10
right the surgeons who do like 14 hour surgeries, and we’re no problem.

Liz 34:16
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You tell them that you have problem breathing with a mask on.

Sam 34:20
Well, and the funny thing is, is that like if you have tuberculosis, which is a breathing disease, you wear a mask. You have tuberculosis patients wear masks because it’s so contagious. And if they can do it, you can you can do it. Yeah, sorry.

Mary 34:41
And go into Yeah, and when we go into patients rooms, we that have like, I airborne droplet precaution, you’re wearing a certain you’re wearing a special mask called an n95 respirator. And I mean that sucker is airtight. I mean, they, they it’s fitted to your face to make sure you cannot breathe anything. in that air that will get into your that will get into your, your respiratory track.

Sam 35:20

Mary 35:21
Yeah, it’s in those things are tight, and they’re uncomfortable, because I’ve had to wear it. And these poor people that are because that’s what that’s what, that’s what doctors and nurses, nurses especially are wearing in hospitals now with this pandemic, they’re wearing an n 95. For 12 hours or more.

Liz 35:44
Yeah, I mean, you know, you know, I’m glad, though, Mary, that you are basically straight out saying that, look, this is what medical people have to deal with. This is what is, as far as we know, factually what we should be doing and how things should be done. I mean, that, you know, why, why is why are people making such a big deal out of this? I mean, nobody likes the inconvenience, because it is admittedly inconvenient. But you know, the alternative, that’s way more inconvenient, is that you get extremely sick,

Sam 36:19
and you’re on a ventilator

Liz 36:20
and you are on a ventilator

Sam 36:22
and you really can’t breathe.

Liz 36:24
And yeah, yeah. So there are things are way more inconvenient than wearing a stupid masks. So

Mary 36:31
Right. And I’ll put it, I’ll put it to you this way. I have asthma. I’ve had asthma for years. And you’re right, wearing a mask is not the it’s not the greatest thing in the world. It. I admit that sometimes I do find it a little harder to catch my breath. But you know what, every time I leave my house, and I go somewhere other than my car, I have a mask on? Doesn’t mean I like it,

Sam 36:56

Mary 36:57
But I wear that mask because I’m protecting three people in my home. I’m protecting myself, and I’m protecting everybody around me. Because they don’t know that maybe I have COVID. And I don’t know that I’ve got it.

Sam 37:12

Mary 37:14
You know? Yeah, no, you’re right. It sucks. I hate having to wear a mask. But guess what? I do it?

Sam 37:21
Yeah, well, right. Exactly. And I think there’s like a misconception that like people who are anti mask feel that people who are pro mask, you know, like wearing them, I hate having to wear a mask, but like, like you Mary like I have people in my home that I need to take care of and make sure that they don’t get especially working in the health field. And, you know, being with people all day, every day, you know, I need to make sure that I’m not bringing things home, I’m making sure that I’m not spreading anything to other people who I you know, can spread it to someone else or just get sick themselves. And you know, I’m protecting myself at the same time. So, you know, it’s just common courtesy, as I said, there, you know, you have stores that saying no shoes, no shirt, no service, we’ll just add a mask on to that. So if you are going to give a store a hard time about wearing a mask, consider it part of clothing, you know, they say no mask you can’t enter don’t cause an uproar saying your rights are being but you’re putting your rights again, above everyone else’s, who wants to not get sick or get people in their homes sick. I mean, I can only say like, I lost two people to this pandemic. And, you know, the only thing I wish for is for it to just be done and for people to just do what they need to do. And let’s get it over with because there’s countries in this world who did what they had to do and now they’re living life again. And we’re not

Mary 38:55
I mean, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be upset over having to wear a mask because held most people are upset about wearing oh absolutely nobody wants to wear the mask. I mean, really nobody wants to wear the mask. But the majority of people in this country we we love our freedoms, but at the same time this we understand why this freedom what this quote unquote freedom was taken away from us because we’re idiots.

Sam 39:25
But I am proud I swear. I swear I’m proud to say

Mary 39:29
I’m proud. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Well, for the most part,

Sam 39:35
tropical island might not be bad tropical island, not within the hurricane zone would be lovely.

Liz 39:42
I know.

Sam 39:43
Curacao, but Bonaire. Great places to go. Just saying.

Mary 39:51
I mean, I might consider Australia if everything there wasn’t a giant and wanted to kill me.

Sam 39:59
Oh yeah. the bugs

Liz 40:01
and the forest fires.

Mary 40:04
Yeah. But Chris Hemsworth

Sam 40:09
Hemsworth brothers.

Mary 40:12
True, because there’s three of them. Yeah.

Sam 40:17
That’s the reason why Hugh Jackman though he’s living in New York right now. I follow him on Instagram and you know, during like the snow or whatever he’s outside like happy is anything it’s like, oh, guy from Australia. This is This is heaven. Meanwhile, I’m like shut up you This is terrible. No

Mary 40:38
no we want snow to go away. Snow can go away now.

Sam 40:42
Yes, yes, I’m over it. It’s done. I can’t anymore.

Mary 40:47
Because I mean, which was beginning like another one to three and just tomorrow or no tonight and then like another three to five inches tomorrow. I’m like, I’m like, okay, mother nature, I understand that you are pms-ing

Liz 41:01
Doesn’t that mean? It’s heading our way. Next.

Sam 41:03
They’re saying we might get a little bit more on Monday. But then next week, we’re supposed to get into like close to the 50s. So I’m excited. Melt this white stuff. This crap. Yeah, I would. I mean, I kind of want to get rid of the ice that’s outside right now. Yeah, that’s the worst. No, I don’t mind the fluffy snow.

Mary 41:25
I can live with this. I can live with the with the white crap. It’s the ice on top of the white crap that I don’t like,

Liz 41:32
Oh my God, when I went to do the grocery shopping earlier today, there are people on the block that are I don’t know if they were just lazy or what the deal was. But at least a couple of the houses like their part of the sidewalk was pretty icy. So I had to walk in the street when I was like near their houses and then walk back on the sidewalk to avoid the ice so that way I don’t like slip and fall on my butt. So it’s very frustrating. Every year. There’s always that one or two houses that do that.

Sam 42:10
Yeah, I remember when I lived in an apartment complex and like my biggest pet peeve is when you would shovel out your car and made sure your parking spot was all nice and clean. And I would leave and go to work and then I would come back and someone else the car that was next to me is now on my spot and their spot is all iced up and you know they never shoveled out they just backed out. I’m like you know what? You lazy selfish I curse a lot so I’m trying not to trying to be somewhat PG

Mary 42:44
Same but I wouldn’t do this. We’re eventually just gonna let the F bomb fly

Sam 42:51
it’s gonna happen so if you’re if you’re under 18 Sorry Though You probably curse just as much as we do. Who we kidding kids? Kids don’t care.

Mary 43:01
Yeah, I was gonna say if you’re under 16 Maybe you shouldn’t listen to our podcast but at the same time we can’t really stop you

Sam 43:08
Yes, we just put a disclaimer.

Mary 43:12
disclaimer is it this is a TV 16 podcast at least

Sam 43:23

Mary 43:24
we gotta go up above what the what the new Marvel TV shows gonna be which is of TV 14 At this point writing?

Sam 43:31
Yeah, well I first didn’t they write it like TV-R or whatever.

Mary 43:36
Yeah, but now it’s like TV 14 I think was the final rating for it. But that’s a whole other podcast. Oh my god. You know that’s gonna be basically like, for like six episodes is gonna be nothing but us dissecting each episode.

Sam 43:57
Yes, well, yeah, and I mean honestly even like our next episode we can we can dissect WandaVision because that’s coming toward its end. Two more episodes. So

Mary 44:07
Oh I know.

Liz 44:10
There’s like some there have been there have been fan theories for months and some of them are actually coming to fruition.

Sam 44:17
Yes. Did you watch the yesterday’s episode?

Liz 44:21

Sam 44:22
It was like Can I just tell you when you were typing all that stuff on our other discord about like what people are saying and I’m like, Oh my God. She’s Like literally typing everything that’s like happening right now.

Liz 44:39
Well, because the thing was like ever since they started releasing, you know, bits and pieces of like, who is in the show and like who some of the characters are. There were already people speculating because It’s it’s pretty much understood that most of the Marvel properties, especially the stuff related to the movies are adaptations of some sort from the comics, so it’s kind of a matter of which storyline do people think is going to be the one they’re using, especially in relation to which particular storylines, or particular comic book runs are like the most famous ones related to certain characters. So I think that’s why a lot of the fan theories for wandavision was related to spoiler alert, spoiler alert. were related to the House of M. And I think of I think it’s called Avengers Disassembled and the stuff with like Mephisto, and Agatha Harkness, and all that stuff. So I was literally reading all these fan theories for months where like people were making pretty good cases as to what they think was gonna happen, and so far some of them are happening.

Mary 46:20
Well, I know Elizabeth Olsen even said like six or seven years ago now she’s like, she would love to have seen this was even way before WandaVision was even a thing that she would love to see them do the House of M storyline and give Wanda fake children and by God six friggin years later here, here it is. Because she even called it she’s like, they would never do this. But that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Liz 46:49
Right? And yeah, I mean, it. I think what really made the theorizers really excited was when they announced more info on the Doctor Strange movie, like just the fact that they said that some of these Marvel shows especially Wandavision, and I think the Loki series are going to be, I guess, lead in slash tie ins to Dr. Strange. And then the fact that the Doctor Strange movie is supposed to be called, you know, Dr. Strange and the multiverse of madness?

Mary 47:28

Liz 47:29
yeah. It just made it just are really convincing a lot of people that this is probably what they’re doing, which is the whole, you know, Mephisto thing,

Mary 47:42

Liz 47:42
And then maybe they’ll have Wanda like, go crazy by the end of it. And that’s gonna end up triggering more craziness in the magical aspects of Marvel. Which, to be fair, something that has never really been explored much until now. Other than, you know, The Doctor Strange Movie.

Mary 48:07
Right. And I think part I think another tie in that they’re gonna figure out is with Evan Peters character, Quicksilver, his version of Pietro I, since they’ve discovered since we’ve discovered Agatha, is the one that’s pulling all the strings, and she’s the one that brought him here. Is there I think they’re going to try to tie it back to she pulled him from, from a different universe an alternate reality, then right. You know, and that’s how they’re going to tie in. kind of tie in like the mutant thing, maybe. Because Wanda is like, that’s not your brother. That’s not your uncle. That’s not my brother.

Liz 48:57
Right? Because Okay, now I had to let

Mary 49:01
that was one of the things I saw. And I’ve read this today, actually, I think,

Liz 49:07
right. I had to look this up just to verify, like some earlier research I did, looking into this sort of thing. A big thing that came up multiple times in the show was references to the Nexus. And the Nexus is a thing in the comics, which is the Nexus is a cross dimensional gateway, which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities, this includes realities between realities.

Mary 49:39
And they had the they had the Nexus on this last episode of Wandavision, the pill,

Liz 49:45

Mary 49:47
And I was like, I knew the Nexus had something to do with it. I just couldn’t remember where it was from.

Liz 49:54
Right. Well, you know, I just brought that up, because just in case any listeners are not super familiar with the comics. Now? I admittedly do not read the comics, I had to like, look this up online. But, you know, because of this research, I am somewhat familiar with the comics. So for anybody listening to this, this is just like kind of a rough explanation what it is. But yes, it is called the official name is the nexus of all reality. So that’s why it is starting to make sense why they wanted to use this as the storyline for Wandavision. Because if this is meant to be a tie in to Dr. Strange, then it could be that they’re going to do their adaptation of the Mephisto storyline, and maybe either Agatha, or maybe Wanda potentially going crazy, is going to cause a bigger rip, and Into The Nexus or whatever, and cause all sorts of craziness to happen. Which leads up to Dr. Strange. That’s a possibility.

Mary 51:04
Yeah. And that’s a very good possibility. I do think that between Wandavision in these last couple episodes, I still think we’re I still say, home Mephisto storyline, and we’re going to meet Mephisto before the end of this within the next few episodes we had, you know, because what happened to the twins? Where are the twins? That’s what I want to know.

Liz 51:31
Right? Because just the concept of Wanda and vision having kids just logically just does not make any sense. I mean, he’s a robot. How is that even possible?

Mary 51:44

Liz 51:46
Because Um in the comics. Wanda basically uses magic…

Mary 51:53
to get pregnant

Liz 51:54
right to get pregnant so there’s nothing particularly biological about it

Mary 52:01
and then with Agatha saying that she and I mean, then Agatha basically erasing the twins from Wanda’s memory. Because she said that because to Agatha, she was convinced that they were that each twin held pieces of Mephisto’s soul. And she was like, well, we’re just basically gonna get rid of these kids and bring Mephisto back. Or attempt to and that made Wanda to go nuts.

Liz 52:32
Right, because it turned out that the magical energy wanda supposedly ended up I guess, picking up but like, metaphorically speaking, she picked up like some kind of energy, magical energy and uses that to create the kids. And in the comics, this energy turned out to be pieces of like, I think, I forget, was in Mephisto or what was it? Somebody else? But anyway,

Mary 53:04
no, it was part of if I remember reading because I just read it this morning because I was trying to you know, do a little bit of research and stuff. I could be wrong on this one. I might have to look it up again. She it was left over magic from I’ve want to say was from Agatha because Agatha had gone. She was Wanda’s mentor at one point. Right? I remember I heard about that in the comics. Yeah, the comics. She was she was Wanda’s mentor at one point in the comics. And then something happened. I don’t remember what but something happened. And then she was I just want to say it was I’m gonna have to look it up again. Because I don’t I don’t want to say and be wrong.

Liz 54:04
Right. But yeah, so the fact that these kids were, in essence, pieces of a super like a super interdimensional demon means that the kids never really technically never really existed and they get taken away. And you know, they’re in essence, killed.

Mary 54:33

Liz 54:35
That kind of made want to go off the deep end a bit.

Mary 54:39
Right? That’s why I’m looking it up again,

Liz 54:42
right and then through a slightly meandering way this this particular story in the comics is what led up to House of M and then the decimation which Due to the way the MCU is structured, they can’t quite do exactly. House of M and decimation. I mean, if they attempt to do and it would have to be some kind of modified loose adaptation because the whole House of M and decimation storyline is primarily about mutants, which technically do not exist yet, you know, in the MCU. So, I mean, it’s part of the reason why Civil War, and the Sokovia Accords were written the way they were because the Sokovia Accords were essentially the MCU version of I think, I think it was called the enhanced or the Superhuman Registration Act or something like that, where it covered not only the mutants, but it also covered any other enhanced people, you know, basically, like all the other superheroes that are not mutants,

Mary 56:09

Liz 56:10
And technically, you know, the villains that are also enhanced in some way are, you know, supposed to be under the law, but again, because they are villains, and they are criminals, they don’t care.

Mary 56:24

Liz 56:25
They’re gonna do whatever the heck they want, because they were doing whatever the heck they want before so a new law is not going to stop them. So you know,

Mary 56:36
okay, here we go. I figured I got I got it. Now what happened? How, for the Agatha Harkness, how she fits into all this. She had created a, she had created a new Salem, in Colorado, she had, she had a child, Nicholas scratch. His children were known as the Salem seven, who took over the New Salem community. They killed they captured Agatha and killed her. And then another battle between the Salem seventh and Wanda or the Scarlet Witch ensued and then she captured Wanda captured the some of the energy of what happened and that’s how she became pregnant with her children.

Sam 57:37
Honestly, like I’m excited for all I just think the lineup for Marvel in the new phase. I’m in I’m just so excited for everything. Like there’s there’s just so like, I just think it’s going to be so good because, you know, after endgame everyone’s like, you know, you can’t help but worry what was going to happen? How they were going to go on without, you know, like the RDJs or Chris or, you know, who knows what’s going to happen with Scarlett after the….

Mary 58:13
Black widow

Sam 58:14
Black Widow movie you know, like, is she going to continue as Black Widow even though her character technically died in end game or you know, like what’s going to happen with that so

Mary 58:24
I think I think what the Black Widow is they’re going to pass the mantle on to

Sam 58:31

Mary 58:33
Yelena or whatever.

Sam 58:34
I mean, yeah.

Mary 58:36
Kind of like what they’re gonna do with Hawkeye. Because Hawkeye is getting out is getting a TV show as well.

Sam 58:42
Yeah, I’m excited for that one, too.

Mary 58:44
I know. And i The one besides Falcon and Winter Soldier, which I cannot wait to start seeing is I’m most excited for Loki because I love the character. I’ve loved his character from the beginning. But unfortunately, I don’t understand why they didn’t continue on with the fact that he has Frost giant powers.

Sam 59:07
Yeah. Maybe they’ll go into it though in his series.

Mary 59:11
I hope so because I mean. There’s like they mentioned it in the first movie, and it was never mentioned again. It was like the hell it’s like this… the dude is basically the rightful King of Jotunheim.

Liz 59:23
You know what, my theory is that it’s because of the fact that they have not had consistent director and writing team working on the Thor movies. So that may be why there are certain elements of the earlier movies that got dropped, like exactly what you were saying. How come they didn’t have Loki use some of his Frost Giant powers. You know, now that he realizes he’s a frost giant, like why isn’t he like Exploring any of those powers or using them more. So okay, back on topic now. So I guess at this one we have to wait, you know, for the next episode just to see

Mary 1:00:12

Liz 1:00:13
what we’re actually going to get because, you know, they gotta they gotta tie this up somewhat somehow.

Mary 1:00:22
Yeah. I mean, otherwise it’s just going to be like this big cliffhanger and we’re going to be going well, but we’re not going to find out what happens until Dr. Strange comes out and Dr. Strange isn’t coming out to what next year?

Sam 1:00:34
I think so.

Liz 1:00:37
Yeah, I think it is.

Mary 1:00:39
Good. I mean, has it even? I don’t even think it’s started filming yet has it?

Liz 1:00:45
Actually it did. But then they had to shut down because of the spike. Back in January.

Mary 1:00:51

Liz 1:00:53
Yeah, I’m looking at the wiki page for it.

Mary 1:00:55
Oh okay.

Liz 1:00:56
Filming began in November, was put on hold in January due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Shooting Well, oh, this is interesting. Shooting will also occur in New York City, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Well, I mean, it kind of makes sense that they would have to do some filming here in New York, because the there because you know, one of the settings is the New York sanctum.

Mary 1:01:26
Right. Right.

Liz 1:01:27
So they would have to film some establishing scenes here at some point, and I’m assuming for Vancouver, they may be using Well, the typical reason why anybody shoots anything in Vancouver is because they can use Vancouver as a double for another location altogether. You know, I mean, for goodness sakes, they filmed stuff that set in New York in Vancouver.

Sam 1:02:03
Yeah. Yeah.

Mary 1:02:05
Well, I mean, they filmed a lot of the Washington DC stuff in Cleveland, Ohio.

Liz 1:02:12
Right. Right. I mean, I would imagine some of the security needed you know, some of the security clearance you would need to like film certain things in DC, it would be a nightmare to deal with.

Mary 1:02:25
Well, that in the fact that it’s a it’s a much more populous area than Cleveland. So yeah, Cleveland is more willing to let them shut down parts of the city for them to film I mean, how they shut down three miles of the damn freeway. So they could film that. The bridge scene the bridge fight scene in Captain America Winter Soldier. I mean, Cleveland’s like Yeah, sure. You can shut down three miles of our freeway. We don’t care. I really wish I’d known that because I’m like three hours from Cleveland.

Sam 1:03:06
Well, like what is it the dark night? They film that in Chicago?

Liz 1:03:11
Yeah. Which I? Which I mean, I guess, which I thought was a kind of funny that they did that because I know. Ah, there was that one scene in Dark Knight Rises where they definitely used the financial district.

Sam 1:03:25
Oh Yeah, they were on Wall Street.

Liz 1:03:27
Yeah, I mean, you can you reck… you can clearly recognize. I mean, I will admit, before the pandemic started, my office is in what you know, is is in the financial district, and sometimes when I go on my like lunchtime walks, I would walk past, you know, the stock exchange. So it is in my neighborhood, and I recognize exactly which building they used when Bane and his gang came out of the Gotham Stock Exchange.

Sam 1:03:58

Liz 1:03:58
To the epic fight scene.

Sam 1:04:00
So funny watching that movie and seeing, you know, the Freedom Tower and how tiny it was, you know, because they were building it. Compared to what it is now. But yeah, no, I mean, that’s, that’s the thing I love about like movies, though, like, but like, I always think like, with the actors, how exhausting it must be that like, for two or three scenes, they’ll travel to a different country. Shoot, you know, whatever they need to and then fly to somewhere else to go shoot something. And it’s like, I can’t even imagine how exhausting that must be.

Mary 1:04:35
I know. Right? Well just think there’s just think, for Falcon and Winter Soldier. They had to go to Prague.

Sam 1:04:42
We and I know for like civil war. They actually went to Germany.

Mary 1:04:47
Yeah, they filmed what the airport and I think Siberia, both in Germany, something like that. I know the airport scene was done. In the was done in a German airport. I don’t remember which one cause I read it and I don’t remember which because I don’t speak German.

Sam 1:05:08
Well, why not?

Mary 1:05:09
I unfortunately, I didn’t take German in school. I barely took I took Spanish and I don’t remember any of it. Other than I can count to 10

Sam 1:05:16
There you go.

Mary 1:05:18
But all I can do I can count to 10 in Spanish.

Liz 1:05:21
But yeah, I mean, it’s pretty. It’s pretty interesting stuff. You know, the filmmaking process. I mean, I will I actually, I’m one of those like, really nerdy people who loves watching those things on like, the DVDs.

Sam 1:05:35
Oh yeah, me too. I’m with you behind the scenes stuff.

Liz 1:05:37
Yeah, I love that stuff. In fact, I will intentionally go out of my way to buy. Like assuming that a TV show or movie that I like had like different editions. I will sometimes intentionally go out of my way to buy particular editions because they have those bonus features on there that I want to watch. That’s how much of a nerd I am. I mean, I told you to do that with like, the with Game of Thrones, except for the final season,

Mary 1:06:09
that the final season doesn’t exist. I don’t care what you say it does not exist. Damnit. Where where’s the what is it the Time Stone that we need to go back and rewind time?

Sam 1:06:21

Mary 1:06:22

Liz 1:06:22

Mary 1:06:23
We need the Time Stone. Liz you’re in New York go get it?

Liz 1:06:30
Yep. That would have probably fixed a whole bunch of things.

Mary 1:06:35
We could have taken that time stone. Oh, man. Can you imagine if I take it? It’s a good thing. It doesn’t really exist. Because if I had any type of control of that time, stone Yeah, there’d be so many alternate realities. Right now.

Liz 1:06:55
just cause of how nerdy I am. I could get into like TED Talk, like rambles about. I mean, I don’t consider I am in no way shape or form an expert on Sci Fi or anything like that. I mean, I’m not. I’m not a die hard sci fi fan compared to other people I know who are really into sci fi, but Oh, my God, I could get into it. Like I could probably get into a TED talk about like, time travel stories and all that stuff. Because that was one of the few sci fi tropes, if you will, that I honestly love a lot is the time time travel, stuff that and the alternate universe stuff, but

Mary 1:07:36
yeah, let’s just say there would be a lot a lot more alternate realities, right now if I had control of the Time Stone. I mean, we would technically all be living in our perfect altar in the perfect alternate reality for each one of us, though. I would be nice. And I would let I’d like give you guys what you wanted.

Sam 1:07:57
Aw Thanks.

Mary 1:07:59
At least in one reality, to me, the rest of the realities be kind of shitty, but we’ll be living in the alternate reality where everything’s great.

Liz 1:08:10
I mean, with endgame, it’s like, I just want to sigh every time I think about time travel in that movie.

Sam 1:08:17
What’s funny is like, even like the characters in the movie, were like, wait a minute, but every movie told us that trial time travels like this.

Mary 1:08:24
Yeah. And they’re like, they’re they’re just basically just naming all these movies off. And this like, yeah, all of these say time travel is this way. And you’re saying time travel is? Not? The hell?

Liz 1:08:39
Yeah, because the way they wrote time travel in endgame was not good. Not good. I mean, I’m sorry, to anybody who is like, endgame was great. It was perfect. I mean, when it came to the time travel stuff, hey, this girl who loves time travel stories, would is more than happy to tell you. No, it was not good. I’m sorry. It just it just wasn’t.

Mary 1:09:10
You don’t get better time to time travel them back to the future.

Sam 1:09:15
That is true. That’s the end all be all time travel movie.

Mary 1:09:18
I mean, it really is. I mean,

Liz 1:09:22

Mary 1:09:24
And damn it, if you don’t have a DeLorean then it’s not time travel.

Sam 1:09:27
Well, I mean, you know, Hot Tub Time Machine was a good movie. Without the DeLorean. They just had, you know,

Mary 1:09:35
a hot tub,

Sam 1:09:36
a hot tub and a energy drink. And that’s all they needed. We’ll definitely get into that. In another show.

Mary 1:09:47
That’s another that’s another episode.

Sam 1:09:49
So as as I’m sure everyone listening can can understand we do tend to go off and lead ourselves down a road to different topics. The goal was to try and not go into too many topics. In one episode.

Mary 1:10:06
Yeah, but we tend to go down rabbit holes and just not get ourselves out of them.

Sam 1:10:11
Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. So you’re brave enough to join us on our rabbit hole travels?

Mary 1:10:20
Yeah, we’re kind of like Alice in Wonderland. When it comes to that. It’s like, we’d see the rabbit hole and we just dive down headfirst,

Liz 1:10:26
because sometimes, like the best conversations are just the conversations that just happen and are not like, pre planned too much at least.

Sam 1:10:38
Well right, and that’s what I think is going to be so awesome about ours is that we’re kind of, you know, obviously we know what we want to talk about. But if we go off into tangents, as long as it’s not crazy. You know, I think it’s number one, it’s more real. And it’s more enjoyable, because what conversation is strictly one topic unless you’re like in school.

Mary 1:11:03
And I think that’s why most people don’t like school because they get bored.

Sam 1:11:06
Yes. Anything else we want to add to our first, our first show.

Liz 1:11:14
Thanks for listening, everyone. catch us next time

Sam 1:11:19
and see what we’re going to talk about.

Mary 1:11:22
Because the Three Fates decide

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